Auto Accident / Personal Injury

If you’ve sustained an injury on the sports field, at work, or in a car accident, you may already know that some of the most serious injuries aren’t always readily apparent. Two of the most common personal injuries, head and spine trauma, don’t always manifest right away, and left untreated, can lead to long-term complications. The physicians at Advanced Healthcare Clinics provide comprehensive care for personal injury patients from multiple convenient locations in the DFW area. If you’ve suffered a recent injury, call or request your appointment online today.

Auto Accident / Personal Injury

Auto Injuries Q & A

Advanced Healthcare Clinics Medical Doctors are experts in documenting personal and auto injury cases to ensure the best outcome for everyone.

Why should YOU choose a Advanced Healthcare Clinics Auto Injury Doctor:

• Because patients are #1. First and Foremost, we want you to get better and we are experts in treating injuries that result from personal and auto accidents.
• We will treat you with no money out of your pocket when you have a Letter of Protection from your attorney.
• We have full-time staff dedicated to working with attorneys and their staff.
• We can assist you in finding a personal injury attorney who are experts in handling your auto injury / personal injury case.
Electronic medical records make records transfers to attorneys and insurance carriers quick and easy.
• We have free transportation available for therapy appointments.
• Our medical documentation is proven to get better results in the outcome of your personal injury / auto injury case.
• We are open in the evenings so that you can come to therapy without missing work.
• Our Medical Doctors can prescribe any medications you may need to help you deal with the pain from your accident.
• We are Bilingual.
• We offer free claims assistance.

Our offices in DFW Area are fully staffed to help you get better after your accident. We will help you with the following specialties:

• Medical Doctors
• Chiropractors
• Licensed Counselors 
• Xray Technicians
• Certified Medical Assistants
• Massage Therapists
• Auto Injury Experts

So, if you’re injured in a car wreck, you need a doctor who is an expert in treating injuries resulting from auto accidents. Choose a Advanced Healthcare Clinics auto injury doctor in DFW area.

Auto injuries are a serious matter that needs to be dealt with seriously. When you’re in an auto accident, you’ll want to find a doctor who specializes in everything you need to get back to 100%. Luckily for you, at Advanced Healthcare Clinics, we’re the auto injury experts who will work hard to get you feeling better in no time. Whatever you’re up against, you can count on us to be there for you when you need help the most. With offices in Dallas and Denton, finding a doctor has never been easier. 

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