Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel Pain is a problem that can strike any part of the human body. In many cases, it involves the nerves and they are sending the pain signals from the area that is being affected to the brain. Most of us are familiar with the pain that occurs in the back, and it is one of the more common types of pain that people experience. In today’s electronically connected world, however, we often find ourselves with repetitive stress injuries due to typing and using our electronic devices. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of those problems.

The nerves that run from the spinal column and down the arm to the hands are quite complex. Not only are they responsible for the tactile sensations that we experience with our hands and fingers, they also result in unconscious reactions, such as pulling your hand away from something that is hot. In many cases, the nerves in the body are protected by a very strong bone structure but when the nerves are passing through the wrist, there is a possibility for problems.

The carpal bones, which are small bones that exist in the wrist, may end up putting pressure on the nerves that run through the area. This problem, commonly referred to as carpal tunnel syndrome, can cause a wide range of physical symptoms. For some people, the primary symptom is pain occurs in either the hand or the wrist and sometimes, in both areas. It may also cause residual pain and symptoms, such as numbness or tingling that may extend out to the fingers or even up the arm toward the shoulder.

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