Knee Pain

Although arthritis is the leading cause of knee joint deterioration, pain, and limited movement, sports injuries and work-related injuries can also cause knee problems.

Advanced Healthcare Clinics has fellowship-trained knee surgeons in the DFW area who perform state-of-the-art, computer-assisted and robotic knee surgery, arthroscopic knee surgery, and joint replacement, including partial knee replacement.

Our knee specialists work closely with our on-site physical therapists to formulate effective pre- and post-surgical physical therapy and rehabilitation plans that help our patients find pain relief and live an active lifestyle.

Knee pain can take a variety of forms, ranging from an occasional twinge while running to an unrelenting ache.

As is the case with pain in other locations, very mild pain associated with less involved musculoskeletal knee injuries can feel itchy or irritated. When pain progresses, injured knees can feel hot, swollen, or stiff. Such painful knees are often also stiff, unstable, weak, noisy, and difficult to bend. Therefore, knee injuries cause significant loss of mobility that can rob you of the ability to participate in sports, complete errands or household tasks, and even sleep.

When Should You Seek Help for Knee Pain?
Since such knee pain will worsen as underlying structures suffer further damage due to arthritis or other conditions, people suffering from knee pain need to seek the advice of a qualified orthopedic surgeon. Whether the recommendation is total knee joint replacement, minimally invasive repair, or other therapies, such interventions can help lessen or halt chronic knee pain.
Our fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons can recommend the best treatment option to help rid you of knee pain and restore your mobility.

Common Causes of Knee Pain
Currently, more than 60 percent of Americans live with arthritis pain due to osteoarthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, or gout. Arthritis-related conditions represent the main source of knee pain. Among less common knee pain agents, there were 159,700
occupational knee injuries in 2017.

And of course, knee problems aren’t just a problem for older people: Sports-related injuries are evidence of the fact that knee pain is a common problem affecting individuals of any age, occupational status, and lifestyle.

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