Work Injuries

Comprehensive services for all your work-related health care needs.

Injured on the job? You’ve come to the right place. Advanced Healthcare Clinics clinicians know how to keep work injuries and illnesses from interrupting your life. We’re here for you – and we’ll help you get back to work strong.

Need help handling your work injury claim? We can help with that, too.

What is Workers' Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance governed by state and federal law. It protects both you and your employer after a work-related injury. Overall, it’s a great thing—but it can be complicated—and it’s not always easy to know what to do next after you’ve been injured at work.

That’s where Advanced Healthcare Clinics comes in. We’re experts in occupational medicine, the field of medicine where clinicians specialize in taking care of patients injured at work. Our clinicians understand that helping you renormalize your life after a work injury means helping you through the process of return to work, as well as evaluating and treating your injury. We make it easier for you to focus on your recovery—not only by providing you with great medical care, but also by helping you navigate the worker's compensation system and keeping you, your employer, and the workers’ compensation insurance adjuster on the same page.

Many people believe that workers’ compensation and occupational medicine are interchangeable terms that mean the same thing. But there is a big difference the two. Workers' compensation is a government-mandated insurance program. Each state’s program is different, but workers’ compensation generally ensures that injured employees receive medical care and wages following an injury or illness caused by work.

Occupational medicine focuses on the handling of illnesses or injuries caused by work, and the process of returning employees to full function. This can include specialized treatment and physical therapy that may be required as part of a patient’s treatment plan. Concentra physicians are specially trained in occupational medicine and experienced in treating workplace injuries of all types.

Services Include:
• Knee
• Elbow
• Foot & Ankle
• Wrist
• Carpal tunnel
• Neck & Back Pain

Work Injuries

Workers Compensation Injuries

What are common work-related injuries?

Although a wide range of injuries happen in the workplace every day, the most common workplace injuries usually affect the muscles, bones, joints, or nerves in your back, neck, head, shoulders, or knees.

Repetitive-use injuries, such as the kind of tendon inflammation that can affect workers who use their hands or arms to perform tasks, are relatively common and are often only diagnosed once function is lost.

Acute injuries, such as the trauma caused by a slip-and-fall accident or the sudden back pain brought on by lifting something heavy, also occur frequently. These types of injuries are more likely to cause you to miss work as you recover.

The experts at Advanced Healthcare Clinics commonly see patients with injuries such as:

Bulging spinal disc

An injury that forces your spine out of alignment can cause one of discs that sits between the vertebrae of your spine to push outside of its usual space and put pressure on nearby nerves, causing pain in your lower back and elsewhere. Bulging discs are more likely to eventually rupture and cause severe back pain.

Shoulder impingement

This problem occurs when the top of your shoulder blade puts pressure on the underlying soft tissues whenever you lift your arm away from your body. Over time, shoulder impingement can lead to bursitis or tendonitis.


This common head injury occurs when your brain shifts or bounces inside your skull, causing abnormal brain function. Concussions may cause long-term symptoms, including headache or neck pain, confusion, and dizziness.

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